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You2Toys Sex doll Leticia

You2Toys Sex doll Leticia

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Hold Leticia, feel her plump, firm breasts and rub over her excitingly tight, sweet nipples.

Leticia stretches her longing-filled hands and feet upwards to present you with her perfect body. Caress her velvety curves and explore Leticia's most intimate secrets: Her lifelike vagina and realistic anus are absolutely lifelike and not only provide pleasure, but also deliver what they promise - especially if you use the included vibration unit for additional stimulation.

Life-size inflatable love doll made from PVC.

Vagina and anus are made of skin-like Loveclone material (TPE).

A vibration unit (5.5 cm long, Ø 2.5 cm, made of ABS material) is included.

You will also receive a pink storage bag, a repair kit and an air pump.

Please order 2 x AA batteries separately.

Tags: Sex dolls, You2Toys

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