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Who is the best choice for Bullet Vibrators? The pointed end of the vibrator provides targeted action on the clitoris, perineum, nipples, and erogenous zones. Bullet sex toys usually have a compact size and an inconspicuous straight design, making them convenient for a trip without attracting too much attention.

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These vibrators are also great as additional fun to couple sex. They can be easily hidden between partners without taking up much space. The power of Bullet Vibrators do their job unnoticed and efficiently. The DoLove store offers a wide selection of Bullet Vibrators in Switzerland for different tastes. 

Looking for Bullet Vibrators? Get ready to DoLove and have fun with our latest products

You can find Bullet Vibrators made of silicone and metal. Silicone vibrators are softer and "warmer" to the touch, while metal vibrators, in turn, have a "serious intent" look.

Bullet Vibrators in lipstick shape will confuse anyone who gets into your purse. The beveled tip directs the vibrations to the exact target and allows you to adjust the precision of the action.

Bullet Vibrator's rounded tips have a softer and broader action than pointed tips and are well suited for different erogenous zones. Choose this design of Bullet Vibrators if your sensitivity threshold is high.

Most Bullet Vibrators are designed for external stimulation. But larger versions are suitable for vaginal pleasure. If you want a laconic and versatile sex toy with vibration, choose this option. 

Best Bullet Vibrators toys for your comfort and satisfaction

Choose a vibrator according to your preferences, and ensure its shape and vibration strength are suitable. Before using the Bullet Vibrator, apply a water-based lubricant to it and turn on the vibration to the lowest level. Gradually learn how your body reacts to the toy, to different levels and patterns of vibration. Use the Bullet Vibrator through underwear without lubrication if the urge catches you in the office or around people.

Spark a fire in the couple and stimulate each other's erogenous zones during foreplay. Place the toy between you and your partner on the clitoris, on the partner's crotch, on the nipples, and stroke each other's bodies with the vibrating bullet. Always keep sex toys clean and store them in a dry place.

Don't hesitate! Here are three reasons for you to try Bullet Vibrators!

Buy online Bullet Vibrators and enjoy the benefits of minimalist sex toys:

  • Bullet Vibrators take up little space in your suitcase when traveling;
  • Bullet Vibrators aim action directly at the point you want.
  • The versatility of the design and vibration patterns extends the area of use of the clitoral vibrators to the entire body.

Experience discreet and versatile pleasure like never before, and DoLove, have fun!