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Ready to experiment? Double dildos are the epitome of sensuality and connection, designed for adventurous individuals. They cater to a solo player, part of a same-sex couple, or even a heterosexual couple looking to explore new dimensions.

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Double Dildos have two phallic ends and are designed for simultaneous anally and vaginally penetration in any combination. The use of Double Dildos requires pelvic floor muscle skills to hold the toy inside. Also, for double pleasure in a couple, you must first find both comfortable positions. 

Double Dildos are not suitable for sex on a first date. After all, without physical training, a falling silicone penis will dispel all the magic of a new acquaintance. If you decide to buy Double Dildos in Switzerland, the DoLove store is at your service.

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The classic version of Double Dildos is flexible, has both ends as penises, and is suitable for couples. Usually, the design of a double stick mimics the appearance of a real penis, and has a pronounced head and veins. You can also find Double Dildos where one of the ends is smaller than the other, which is suitable for beginners in anal play.

The vibrating Double Dildos additionally stimulate erogenous zones. Suitable for those who don't like the sensations of penetration.

Double Dildos with two flexible ends pointing in the same direction and a butt joint is designed for use on one person. Some of these toys have suction cups for solo double play (for vagina owners). The advantage of such Double Dildos is their safety for anal use.

There are also Double Dildos with a consistent shape, ergonomic curves, and a simple design (no veins or heads). They provide accurate targeting, but you need to be able to adjust to them.

Best Double Dildos toys for your comfort and satisfaction

Double Dildos with an equally flexible design are used in pairs. There is one side for each partner, and each chooses which point to massage today. Take comfortable positions, but be prepared to take some time. The most handy positions are table positions or lying on a back with heads at different ends. In both cases, turn your asses to each other.

To switch roles during sex, disinfect the Double Dildo. To maintain hygiene during sexual intercourse with Double Dildos, wear condoms. It will save you a lot of time.

Don't hesitate! Here are three reasons for you to try Double Dildos!

Buy online Double Dildos for at least three reasons:

  • double or triple orgasm;
  • the versatility of the toy for all occasions;
  • improving intimate relationships with a partner.

Immerse yourself in the world of multi-penetration and extra-sweetness. DoLove, have fun!