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Do you want to enhance your intimate feelings? Vagina Pumps are sex toys designed to pump up the soft tissues of the perineum, vagina, or clitoris (depending on the size). They are suitable for people of any sexual orientation and with a vagina.

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These devices are typically crafted with a cylinder and a pump mechanism. Vagina Pumps are primarily designed for individuals who want to explore heightened sensations, increase blood flow, and experience temporary engorgement of the genital region. Vagina Pumps can benefit people who desire more intense sensitivity or those looking to improve arousal and responsiveness.

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All Vagina Pumps have approximately the same design. They have a nozzle that is applied to the area of treatment (vagina or clitoris, depending on the size) and looks like an oxygen mask. Beginners should definitely choose a transparent version to visually control the degree of pumping for personal safety. Opaque cylinders are more fancy and suitable for those who understand when to stop pumping.

The other part of these toys is the pumping mechanism, which has several types. The first is a handle like a blood pressure monitor with a pear. There is also a manual mechanism that looks like a regular pump. The electronic mechanism of Vagina Pumps provides automatic inflation of the vagina and tissues around it. But they are suitable for advanced users.

Electronic Vagina Pumps are often combined with vibrations to create a feeling of fullness and quickly lead to orgasm.

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Before using Vagina Pumps, we recommend shaving your pubes. Use a water-based lubricant before you start. Place the pump on your vagina and pump. The use of Vagina Pumps is painless and safe, but you should visually monitor the degree of swelling yourself.

Vagina Pumps cause blood flow to the vagina and surrounding tissues, which causes a visually exciting genital appearance and pleasant sensations. The use of Vagina Pumps helps to achieve orgasm faster and even helps to feel arousal for those who are not able to feel it.

If you feel pain or if the soft tissues become dark, stop pumping and give yourself a rest.

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