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Are you looking for weightlessness?
Love Swings are devices for having sex that make impossible positions real. These devices allow one of the partners to hang in the air while the other partner can stand on a stable support and swing their lover (instead of holding their weight). BDSM enthusiasts and all other users of any gender and orientation use Love Swings. They allow people, including those with disabilities or partners with a significant height difference, to enjoy couple sex.

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Love Swings also enable you to try lovemaking while simulating weightlessness, bringing new sensations. Usually, Love Swings are made of durable materials and are mounted to the ceiling or beams. Find your perfect Love Swings in Switzerland with the DoLove store.

Looking for Love Swings? Get ready to DoLove and have fun with our latest products

Traditional Doorway Love Swing: These swings attach to a doorway, offering versatility and ease of installation. Pros include discreet setup and portability.

Free-Standing Love Swing Stand: This standalone frame supports the swing, allowing placement anywhere. Pros include flexibility and stability. However, they can be bulky.

Sling-Style Love Swing: These provide full-body support, allowing for various positions. Pros include comfort and adaptability. 

Swivel Love Swing: These swings incorporate swivel mechanisms for seamless movement during play. However, they might be pricier and require careful installation.

Inflatable Love Swing: Pros include softness and easy storage. But they require occasional maintenance and setup time.

Over-The-Door Love Swing: Similar to doorway swings, these attach over a door, providing stability and adjustable height. Pros include convenience and quick setup. However, they might be limited to certain door types.

Best Love Swings toys for your comfort and satisfaction

Choosing a Love Swings involves considering available space, installation preferences, and desired features. Assess your setup options – a doorway attachment, standalone frame, or other styles. Consider material durability and weight capacity to ensure safety during use. 

To use a Love Swings safely and enjoyably, follow these steps:

  • Assemble the swing according to manufacturer instructions, ensuring proper attachment to a secure point.
  • Adjust the swing's height to a comfortable level for both partners.
  • Ensure all straps and connections are secure before use.
  • Discuss desired positions and activities with your partner beforehand.
  • Use cushions or pillows for added comfort during play.
  • Maintain balance and coordination to prevent falls or accidents.
  • Clean the swing as per instructions for long-lasting use.

Don't hesitate! Here are three reasons for you to try Love Swings!

You have at least three reasons to buy online Love Swings:

  • perfectly adjust to each other during couples' sex;
  • experience the delight of sex without gravity;
  • ensure the confidentiality of the purchase of a sex device.

DoLove, have fun!