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Regardless of opinions, embracing one's sexuality should be a comfortable journey without coercion. Amidst taboos, the focus should shift to individual pleasure, disregarding outside judgment. Open communication in relationships allows for exploration, like delving into BDSM, particularly "impact play." It ranges from mild to intense, involving toys such as Whips. Impact play involves consensual strikes for sexual gratification, fostering trust and intimacy between consenting adults. This practice taps into the interplay between love, sex, pain, and pleasure, activating similar chemicals in the body.

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In Switzerland, Whips are popular toys in the BDSM category, so DoLove is pleased to present its assortment.

Looking for Whips? Get ready to DoLove and have fun with our latest products

Single-tail leather Whips come in various lengths and are ideal for experienced users. They offer precise strikes and intense sensations.

Comprising multiple Floggers deliver a mix of sensations, from thuddy to stingy, depending on tail thickness and material. Leather offers versatility, while rubber intensifies the impact. 

Cat o' Nine Tails: This Whip has multiple knotted tails, providing a sharper sting. It's suitable for more advanced users due to its intense sensations. Pros include a mix of thud and sting, but its design can cause deeper marks and may be overwhelming for beginners.

Bullwhip: Recognizable by its long handle and tapered Whip, it produces a loud crack. Experienced users favor it for its intensity. 

Rubber Whip: Made from rubber or silicone, it offers a stinging sensation without leaving marks. However, they might lack the tactile sensations of leather.

Dragon Tail Whip is characterized by its tapered and pointed tail that delivers intense stinging sensations, but its sharpness demands precise control.

Best Whips toys for your comfort and satisfaction

Using a Whip correctly involves gradual progression and safety considerations. When choosing a Whip, consider your experience level and preferences. For beginners, opt for a softer material like leather, with fewer tails to lessen intensity.

To use a Whip safely:

  1. Ensure open communication with your partner about boundaries, desires, and consent.
  2. Start with light strokes on less sensitive areas, gradually increasing intensity as comfort grows.
  3. Focus on areas with muscle and flesh rather than bony parts.
  4. Avoid hitting joints, face, or delicate skin.
  5. Maintain control over the Whip's movement for precision and accuracy.
  6. Incorporate aftercare, offering emotional support and reassurance post-play.

Don't hesitate! Here are three reasons for you to try Whips!

Buy online Whips and get at least three benefits from it:

  • Exploring impact play with a whip can foster personal growth, self-discovery, and increased confidence.
  • The sensation of wielding a Whip intensifies dominant or submissive roles.
  • Buying a Whip online provides a wide selection of products and discretion.

DoLove, have fun!