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You2Toys Ball Stretching Kit

You2Toys Ball Stretching Kit

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Have you ever tried the power of testicular rings? With the Ball Stretching Kit from You2Toys you get 3 rings that enable safe and effective testicle stretching.

Enlarge your scrotum up to several centimeters and experience a new feeling of excitement and intensity. Use the narrowest ring to wrap the scrotum over the testicles. It's a sensational feeling as the testicles are pressed down and the scrotum is stretched!

You can progressively increase your personal pleasure pain with the two spread out rings. With regular wear, the length of your pussy pearls will increase over time - an exciting sight and a pleasure treasured by many men!

All three rings have an inner diameter of 2.5 cm (stretchable) and a wall thickness of 1 cm.

The first ring is 1 cm, the second 2 cm and the third ring 3 cm wide (high).

Material: TPR.

Tags: Cockrings without Vibration, You2Toys

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