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Tenga Bobbles Magic Marble Masturbator

Tenga Bobbles Magic Marble Masturbator

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  • A reusable masturbator with a cool design.
  • Reveals a new and exciting stimulus structure inside.
  • It offers a very elastic feel and is easy to clean.

The reusable Tenga Bobble masturbator has an exciting stimulating structure inside that ensures an intensive and dynamic massage of the penis during a hand job. To enable the production of a super soft and elastic design, the new molding process combines soft and flexible properties. The stimulation is rounded off by Crazy Cubes or Magic Marbles, which have different hardnesses. The inside-out function makes cleaning easy, where the product can be rinsed under clean water.

14cm x 5.7cm (very elastic).


Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, Tenga

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