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Suck-O-Mat 2.0 Die neue Generation Masturbator

Suck-O-Mat 2.0 Die neue Generation Masturbator

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The Suck-O-Mat 2.0 in a sporty, elegant design has an LED speedometer display and a motor power of 60 W, which makes it 100% more powerful than its predecessor and enables up to 200 suction pulses per minute. It also offers an ultra-realistic blowjob simulation in 8+1 gears that resembles a car and is completely hands-free.

The Suck-O-Mat 2.0 offers 8 fully automatic suction modes with random interval patterns for a realistic blowjob feeling. The user can manually select one of the 6 speeds or adjust the set patterns individually. For example, you can speed up the climax or extend the playing time. When the desired speed is reached, the Suck-O-Mat 2.0 automatically switches back to 1st (manual) gear.

The sleeve of the Suck-O-Mat 2.0 has been improved: It now has stimulating nubs on the inside, which, in conjunction with the included Tight Fit cuff, effectively surround the penis and increase stimulation.

  • Included
  • remote control
  • Car adapter
  • 20 ml Just Glide lubricant
  • black filter
  • AC power adapter 230V Euro Plug, output 12V. 5V USB output.
  • Total length 26.3 cm, insertion depth 11 cm, sleeve length 15.7 cm, Ø 2.5 cm (stretchy).
  • Material: ABS, PVC, TPE, PP.

Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, SUCK-O-MAT

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