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Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Love eggs

Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Love eggs

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The Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 enable you to do effective pelvic floor training and help you achieve more intense orgasms. In contrast to other love balls, the focus of the Yoni Power 1 is not only on the weight, but especially on the different sizes of the balls. The training process starts with the largest and heaviest ball (3 cm diameter, 74 g) and then leads through the middle one (2.5 cm diameter, 46 g) to the smallest and lightest (2 cm diameter, 22 g). With regular training, your pelvic floor muscles will become tighter, making it easier for you to hold the ball with the smallest diameter. Just 15 minutes of daily training with these love balls is enough to achieve a noticeable effect that both you and your partner will feel during vaginal intercourse. The ribbed design of the balls provides additional stimulation during training.

  • Length: 125;130;135mm
  • Width: 30;40;45mm
  • Height: 20;25;30mm
  • Weight: 22;46;74g
  • Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
  • Material: ABS plastic, silicone

Tags: Silicone love eggs, Satisfyer

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