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Satisfyer Strengthening Balls Love eggs

Satisfyer Strengthening Balls Love eggs

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With the Strengthening Balls from Satisfyer you can not only train your pelvic floor, but also experience more intense orgasms. This set of 3 love balls offers different weights, ideal for gradually intensifying your pelvic floor training. Just 15 minutes a day can be enough to effectively strengthen your muscles. Women in particular after childbirth could benefit from the Strengthening Balls, although it is advisable to clarify the use with a doctor in advance.

The set includes balls with weights of 61.9 g, 82.1 g and 97.9 g, so that both pelvic floor newcomers and advanced users can find the right weight for them. Start with the lightest ball and gradually increase over the weeks. The integrated retrieval strap allows for easy insertion and removal of the balls. They are made of skin-friendly, soft silicone and can be easily cleaned with water, mild soap and the Satisfyer disinfectant spray - this ensures hygienic use at all times.

  • Weight: 242g
  • Length: 125.7mm
  • Width: 35.2mm
  • Height: 38.6mm
  • Stimulation: Vaginal
  • Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
  • Material: silicone

Tags: Silicone love eggs, Satisfyer

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