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Satisfyer Double Classic Clitoral Vibrator

Satisfyer Double Classic Clitoral Vibrator

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Shared experiences intensify - and that includes seductive vibrations. This vibrator for couples, with its sleek design, enriches lovemaking by inserting it into the vagina and vigorously stimulating both the G-spot and the penis. At the same time, the vibrations on the wider surface provide variable clitoral stimulation - from gentle to intense, which can lead to an electrifying climax. As it penetrates, the experience is deepened with gentle G-spot stimulation and vibrating sensations at its tip. The potent motor directs the vibrations through the entire apparatus, offering both partners a spectacular experience. A must have for any bedside drawer and of course it can be enjoyed on its own too.

  • Material: ABS plastic, silicone
  • Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
  • Battery: rechargeable battery
  • Shaft Length: 70mm
  • Colour: purple
  • Weight: 52g
  • Length: 95mm
  • Width: 67mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • With vibration: Yes
  • Stimulation: clitoral, vaginal

Tags: Clitoral Vibrators, Vibrators, Satisfyer

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