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PerfectFitBrand Fat Boy Thin Standard transparent Masturbator

PerfectFitBrand Fat Boy Thin Standard transparent Masturbator

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With the Fat Boy Original transparent masturbator you can visibly increase the size of your penis. Thanks to the super soft SilaSkin material and the numerous nubs and ribs, the Fat Boy is perfect for both stimulations. The scrotum strap allows for easy handling and ensures that the penis extension always stays in place. It gives the testicles a stimulating feeling during penetration and masturbation.

The Fat Boy is extremely stretchy and comfortable.

Cleaning: Rinse thoroughly with mild soap and water.

  • Material: SilaSkin (mixture of TPR and silicone)
  • Inner length: 13 cm (very stretchy)
  • Outer length: 14 cm (very stretchy)
  • Inner diameter: 2.2 cm (very stretchy)
  • Outer diameter: 3.5 cm (very stretchy)

Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, PerfectFitBrand

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