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Mystim Jane Untamed Geisha Balls

Mystim Jane Untamed Geisha Balls

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A trained pelvic floor can help prevent incontinence and enable a satisfying love life by strengthening the ability to orgasm. The Jane Geisha Balls are compatible with the Mystim electrical stimulation device and can be adjusted in intensity and speed as desired. Even remote control of the vibration is possible.

Each Geisha Ball from Mystim Jane Untamed has a moving ball inside that stimulates and activates the muscles. Connected to a Mystim stimulation current device, the impulses and rotations are amplified. First start with gentle e-stim pulses to experience a pleasant tingling sensation. With water-based lubricant the stimulation becomes even more intense. The high-quality silicone coating ensures a pleasant feeling during insertion and enables safe removal thanks to the retrieval cord.

Note: A Mystim stimulation current device is required for the electrical stimulation function, which is available separately.


  • Love balls for a Mystim stimulation current device (sold separately)
  • Length: 20.8 cm
  • Diameter: 3.6cm
  • Weight: 89g
  • waterproof
  • with remote control for vibration
  • very quiet
  • Connection via Mystim round plug
  • can also be used without a stimulation current device

Tags: Prostate Stimulation, Mystim

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