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Master Series

Master Series Anal Glove

Master Series Anal Glove

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With the Master Series Anal Glove you can experience anal or vaginal stimulation in a number of unique ways: groping, stroking, massaging or hitting. Each of the five fingers is shaped to provide specific stimulation: smooth and tapered, rough, penis-like, with raised nubs and fine ridges. With this glove, both men and women who play alone or with a partner can unleash their creativity.

The palm of the Master Series Anal glove is designed with a zigzag profile, which allows for additional stimulation during the handjob or masturbation experience. The double-sided glove is suitable for both the right and left hand and is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants. Mild soap and water should be used to clean the glove.

  • Material TPE, ABS
  • Weight 175 gr
  • Flexible Yes
  • Elastic Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Length 21.00 cm
  • Maximum diameter 2.50 cm

Tags: Buttplugs, Master Series

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