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Fleshlight Tori Black Vagina Masturbator

Fleshlight Tori Black Vagina Masturbator

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A plastic rod inside the new Fleshlight prevents the inner channel from sticking during transport and storage. This rod must be pulled out and disposed of before first use, which is best done by removing the insert of the soft cover from the hard plastic cover. In order to keep the insert hygienic in the Patented SuperSkin material, it should also be rinsed in water before replacing it. This way you are prepared for your first use.

The Fleshlight Tori Black Vagina Masturbator has a so-called torrid insert, which consists of five chambers, each of which is connected to one another by a three-part flap. This structure creates a strong level of pressure on the penis and provides a realistic feeling during penetration. Each chamber has a special knob structure that particularly stimulates the sensitive parts of the penis, such as the glans.

Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, Fleshlight

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