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Fleshlight Stoya Vagina Masturbator

Fleshlight Stoya Vagina Masturbator

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Fleshlights are available in many different internal geometries. The Destroya Insert offers strong stimulation in a class of its own. Its conical canal is tight at the end sections and creates an intense suction. Stimulation at the highest level and extraordinary orgasms are guaranteed with this insert. The Destroya combines the best of the past in an excellent internal channel. A must for every Fleshlight user.

The plastic rod inside the new Fleshlight masturbator prevents the canal from sticking and should be removed before first use. To do this, you should remove the insert, i.e. the soft inner part, from the hard case. This is the easiest. It is also recommended to clean the insert made from SuperSkin material before inserting it. You can then put it back in its case and the Fleshlight is ready.

Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, Fleshlight

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