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Calexotics Naughty Butt Balls Booty Beads

Calexotics Naughty Butt Balls Booty Beads

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The Naughty Bits™ Butt Balls™ Silicone Booty Beads are made with plush silicone, tapered beads, and an easy retrieval loop for all your anal needs.

The small shaft features a sturdy, O-shaped retraction loop for comfortable insertion, sensual stimulation and safe, gentle removal.

Perfect for both beginners and erotic experts.

The slim shaft increases in girth to intensify your pleasure. The Naughty Bits™ collection is specially designed to attract attention with unique design and erotic features. The ultra-soft silicone and gold marbling give this stylish anal probe a seductive quality that will satisfy any lover - before and after play.

Total length: 11.5 x 3.25 cm

Tags: Anal Beads, Calexotics

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