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Black Velvets

Black Velvets Hearts Anal Beads

Black Velvets Hearts Anal Beads

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Let yourself be seduced by an anal bead strand of the unusual variety.

You've never felt anything like this before.

Experience a whole new level of anal stimulation with the Black Velvets Hearts anal bead strand. With its 18.5 cm length, you can slowly let the strand in, increasing your desire and need for climax with each heart-shaped element. Experience the pleasure of your rear pleasure center with this anal bead strand.

Made from skin-friendly silicone, the Anal Beads strand has a maximum diameter of 2.6 cm. Pamper your prostate according to every trick in the book and experience anal pleasure to the fullest. Thanks to the integrated gripping ring at the end, the anal strand stays securely in place, no matter how wild you are.

  • Black.
  • Total length 18.5 cm, insertion depth 15 cm.
  • Ø 1.3 to 2.6 cm.
  • Material: silicone.

Tags: Anal Beads, Black Velvets

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