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Autoblow 2

Autoblow A.I. Plus Machine Masturbator

Autoblow A.I. Plus Machine Masturbator

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  • Electric masturbator with 9 blowjob modes + online setup via smartphone.
  • Adjustable penis grip ring with 10 speed settings & new AI mode.
  • LED lighting, removable sleeve with ribbed inner structure & mouth opening.
  • Pause function included.

Autoblow 2 A.I. Plus Machine Masturbator is equipped with 9 blowjob modes as well as an additional AI mode that delivers varying rhythms with each use, providing an authentic blowjob experience.

Autoblow 2's A.I. mode consists of randomly rendered, machine-learned techniques based on hundreds of blowjob scenes. The AI is able to move the sleeve holder and silicone cover in a total of 250 positions, while 10 additional speed levels provide more variety and an extra pause button to delay orgasm.

Simply connect the Autoblow A.I.+ to the internet (QR code or and use all convenient functions such as remote control, downloadable blowjobs, voice control (beta) and more - all via your smartphone/tablet or directly on the machine (LED lighting). For initial commissioning, we recommend updating the firmware - you can find video instructions at

The optimal fit can now be found thanks to the new function of the penis grip ring, which can be adjusted from a diameter of 47 mm to 53 mm using a screwdriver (it is already set to 50 mm).

The grooved inner sleeve with mouth opening can be removed from the housing for easy cleaning.

  • Total length 22 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm, insertion depth 18 cm, inner diameter 2 cm (stretchy).
  • Power cable 3 m long.
  • Weight 1350g.
  • Material ABS, silicone, PU.

Tags: Masturbators without Vibration, Autoblow 2

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